19 September, 2015

Phobos Days 2015

We had a great opportunity to visit a nice event held by the Phobos Yacht's official dealer here in the Czech Republic. He brought together the whole line of the Phobos yachts starting with Jumper 19, Phobos 21, Phobos 24, Phobos 25 and also a hot new prototype of the Phobos 24.5, which is supposed to be a replacement for the old Phobos 24 to complement the new design line.

The best thing was that it was held on the lake Slapy so all the boats were available for testing sails.

For me, it's good to see the other boats so I can get some inspiration and chat with other owners of the Phobos sailboats.

Phobos 24.5

Phobos 24.5

Inside Phobos 24.5, great standing height

Phobos 24.5 - head
The smallest - Jumper 19

Phobos 21 - hull #39

Phobos 21 - hull #39 - with a diesel heater!

Phobos 21 - galley with fridge - my wife loves it!

Phobos 24

Phobos 25
Phobos 25 with additional swim platform and retractable ladder

Phobos 25 with the boom tent made by Ovčička Sails - however the rods are not foldable

Mr. Linhart and me with a son

The conclusion from the council of the expert sailors is that Phobos 21 is exceptionally fast boat :-)
Coming soon for the next season: Jirka a friend of mine, decided to buy a gennaker for his Phobos 21 !!!