30 January, 2014

Tough race

I was just reading the report from the last Phobos Cup 2013 held on Masurian lakes in Poland. It's organized by Dalpol Yacht where everyone in the Phobos class boat can attend. Then I found some really interesting video where Phobos 21 called "Gęgawa" unwillingly (?) attacks the Phobos 24 during this race.

Probably the skipper of that "angry" P21 just lost control over the boat. This must be a tough race :-)

28 January, 2014

Boat name

The boat is on the trailer and stored in a dealer's garage until its officially registered.
Anyway, we decided to name her "SOLE MIO", which means "my sun" in Italian, but also contains the initials of our two children Simon and Lenka.

Since we had a Catalina 25, which was a great boat, there was a little time we wanted to name her Catalina. Then we had to change it to something else to distinguish her in the family talk.
Our previous boat was named by the first owner as "High Anxiety",  but as I don't rename the boats and its quite hard to pronounce it properly here, so we always called her Catalina anyway.

The boat naming ceremony will happen on the first launch so it will have to wait till the spring.

13 January, 2014

Finaly delivered!

Hurray! The boat is here.

Since the initial order it took a little over 3 months to build her, sometimes a little stressful to get everything in order, but this part of our dream has finished.
From the Craft Identification Number (CIN) it seems our hull is number 27.
The only problem was with my trailer. It turned out that the keel rollers are too low and the boat would hit the trailer fenders, so it needed some modification.
One last thing before the boat registration is to decide the boat name. Not final yet, but getting there.
Enjoy some photos of the final state.

mast transport "pillows"

younger daughter with her baby loves this boat :-)

boom with lazy-bag and main sail

genoa sail bag

head wall - spot for paddle and stuff

very nice wood work

Kitchen needs some cooktop, probably Origo A100.

Normally, under this shelve there is a flexible water tank. I think this is a good spot for a gas tank

battery locker

outboard motor bracked in the running possition

setting up my trailer