20 April, 2017

Diesel heater installation I.

After some unsuccessful tests to heat a cabin like this one, we've decided to bite a bullet and buy the proper marine diesel heater kit Webasto Air Top 2000 STC with MultiControl.

This new MultiControl allows scheduled times, but mainly fresh air circulation during hot days.

The box with all required accessories (kit no. 9034777B), 60mm ducting and 3 outlets arrived at the Christmas present for my wife, so there is no wonder, she was very happy. Now, we can now stay on board longer when the night temperatures get cold and dry clothes during rainy days.

There will be three hot-air outlets. One in the aft berth, one in the head for clothes drying and one in the cabin.

After some thinking, investigating and getting inspirations from other boat installation, I started to laminate thick plywood panel for the heater holder in the port cockpit locker.

Plywood base plate for the heater holder - port locker

Then, because I had a gasoline tank there and it's fumes could cause a nice bang when the heater is running, I had to move it into the middle cockpit locker. Which means, I had to build the new shelf again.
gasoline tank shelf - central locker

As a glue I've used the thickened epoxy with Cabosil and microballons filler. The next step is to put over a layer of the glass to seal it and paint with the top-coat. However the winter came to visit us again these days, so I have to postpone it a little.

Next thing is to drill some holes for the ducting with 67mm hole saw.

Aft berth and a hole going to the head

Peek into the head liner from aft berth

Hole in head's locker going from the aft

The same locker and hole going to the port cabin seat

Hot-air outlet at the head.
Bulkhead between head and cabin seat

Hot-air outlet in the port cabin seat

For a better access to the ducting and installation, I've cut an additional inspection hole in the port cabin seat.

Port seat inspection hole.

This hole is also useful for routing new wires into the DC distribution panel, which is just above the port seat.

Now I have to build a ductings cover in the aft berth. This is going to be quite a big project so that's why I'm going to split it into several posts. Stay tuned for more.

12 April, 2017

Adriatic sea - Croatia 2016

In the year 2016 we went again to the Adriatic sea with our little boat. This time we were fortunate enough and found new friends - Jirka and Stana with the same boat Phobos 21 called "Lente" and their two kids Luky and Verca. They are great sailors and Jirka is also a good writer, so he wrote a great report from this trip on the pages of Krasa Jachtingu.

I know I'm posting this a little bit late, but I was a little busy doing other stuff, mainly demolishing the garage to be able to get the boat from the distant yacht club onto our property.

Anyway the trip was fine, everything has been working without any issue. The weather was very hot and we had sunny days expect like three days at the end of the vacation, when we were hit by a strong local NE wind called Bora. The maximum gusts we were able to measure was around 47 knots.
I've tried to sail under these conditions when the Bora was getting weaker after after 3rd day, but these winds are just too much to sail on just a piece of genua.
My wife was a bit scary, but the boat proved to be stable when close reaching just with the motor. Healed just a little.

Click on picture to get into the gallery

Small video can be also found on my previous post.

This time we used  a local mobile crane to launch the boat. I cannot say, what is more difficult, but at least, the trailer was saved from the salty water.

Click on the picture to get more details
Some boring statistical data:
  • Distance sailed:143 NM (I know, not much for 3 weeks)
  • Starfish: 5+
  • Various fishes: 40+ (caught by son....fresh are so delicious!)
  • Octopus: 2 (one eaten)
  • Sea urchins: infinite!
  • Dolphins: 0