08 October, 2015

Lipno lake 2015

After the 3 weeks in the salt waters of Adriatic sea, we had one more very sunny week during the summer and went again to Lipno lake. We love it, especially the local nature and beautiful atmosphere.
This year we decided to launch the boat in the private marina YC Černá v Pošumaví. The local harbormaster was very kind and helpful.
I have to point that the last trailer modification I made proved it very handy, especially on a gentle slope so I had just to lower the after roller and support pads and the boat went off the trailer easily.

This year we bought a real marine clothing so when we used it one night the storm struck from sudden, I was more than happy we have it. Unfortunately, we had to re-anchor that night to the other side of the island and I missed a good light a lot.
After this experience I decided I really need a bright light on board so I bought the LED flashlight Fenix UC35. It's a waterproof and rechargeable flashlight with an integrated charger using the standard USB. The beam is pretty wide and strong for a single LED diode so searching for a good spot to drop anchor will no longer be an issue.

A few more photos from the trip:

Leaving the dry dock

Phobos 21 and WV Beatle .... both with trailer!

Mast or something

Blueberries, the forest was dry, not much to find

Blue teeth

Caught without the rod


Beautiful daysailer - Saffier Se 26

Statue of Lipno

Notice the cool windex

Marina Lipno

Marina Lipno

Lipno Marina and the Fish fountain

Cableway to the treetop walkway

Lipno treetop walkway

Wild nature

This used to be a car?

Kid's playground ... notice how tidy the boat is :-)

Slip at YC Černá v Pošumaví

Preparing to go home

Panorama from one of the most beautiful bays on Lipno.

Adalbert Stifter cruiser boat and its big wave

The GPS log from the trip is here

Sailtracker.cz log