24 March, 2014


We are quite busy now with other stuff, but I'm almost finished collecting the new technical and safety equipment for our boat.

One of the last thing is the fridge. We have not decided yet what to choose. This is a pretty small boat, so every free space is a good space, but a compressor fridge is a must. We will probably buy some portable around 20-25 liters and put into the middle cockpit hatch, but first I need to relocate the battery from this hatch to the starboard hatch.
The next thing is to install the fuel tank & hoses, solar panel, battery charger (solar, shore & outboard), battery monitor, depth and speed sounder and a few small accessories. As soon we will get the boat from the dealer's storage, I'm planning to document here all the major tasks.

Spring is getting fast and we can't wait for the first launch.