21 May, 2015

Adding shocks onto our trailer

I'm now in the preparation for a longer trip to Croatia salt waters which consists of several upgrades made to our boat and trailer. One of the issues is the stability of the trailer around the speed of 90km/h. When we ride over some ditch on the road, the boat than  have a slight tendency to crosswise wagging. I've moved the center of gravity a little bit towards the hitch, but it did not help much. So I bought Knott's dumpers and added them to the axles.

both axles with mounted shocks

front axle

The only modification was to drill a hole for the bracket fasteners into the axle's holder so I will be able to install them within the mounting specifications. Then a small amount of zinc spray helps to prevent the rusting.

rear axle - had to drill a hole in a bracket for the fastener

looks like its aligned ok

bottom view... yet not fully fastened

I hope it will make our adventures more safety.