02 December, 2014

Boat Expo 2014 in Prague

The winter and spring is time of several boat shows across the Europe and this weekend it was held in our country in Prague. It's called Boat Expo 2014 and it's not that big due to the small market, but this time there were two sailboats from Dalpol - Phobos 21 and Phobos 25 in the"Exclusive" edition.
We wanted to see, how the Dalpol evolve in time and also to get some inspiration of the new features.
Thanks to our boat dealer Mr. Linhart, we were able to visit the boat show for free and have a nice chat.
There was also plenty of power boats and one other sailboat Mariner 24.

overall view

Phobos 21 class - hull #34. According to the dealer, this one will sail the seas of the Mediterranean.

inside Phobos 21

bigger galley with buildin fridge - my wife loves that

extra storage in the V-berth

depth instrument cover in the head

bilge cover

I was curious about the cabin floor and this boat has a completely flat floor with teak and holly plywood floor. It looks like the Dalpol fixed the issue on the convex floor that I have.

place for the propane bottle in the anchor locker -
I'm not sure this will comply with the marine standards!

new version of the stanchion fittings

And this is the second boat Phobos 25 - Exclusive edition:

inside Phobos 25

Dalpol logo in the cockpit

And finally the other interesting stuff:

Mariner 24

Torqeedo I tested this summer

There was no boat accessory this year, but let's look forward for the next years.