About us

This is all about one family, one boat and the great adventures sailing and maintaining a sail boat.

The main reason for this blog is to propagate the love of sailing a Phobos 21 class boat and share the experience with all the hardships and joys having a trailer-able sailboat.

The other reason is to put together all the other trailer sailors with the same or similar boat and share the wisdom, so we would be more than happy if you will send us any comment you can imagine while browsing our blog.

The crew:

Admiral Věra and skipper Tomáš

 Ship's Apprentice Lenka and Šimon

The history:

Once upon a time, there was a desire to sail. Starting on small wooden sailboat Corsaire designed by Jean-Jacques Herbulot and then with a first child we thought we need a bigger boat so changed to the famous full keel Catalina 25. But then a few years later realized that a full keel is not the best option for the expeditions around the country.
So then we decided to buy a truly trailer-able sailboat with a reasonable roomy cockpit and found this great Phobos 21.

Our biggest inspiration for a boat down-sizing is this website of this family sailing Viko/Deltania 20.

From now on, you have a great opportunity to follow our journey - continue here for the very first beginning.


If you have the Phobos yacht, you love them or just want to sell it, please join the Facebook group "Dapol Yacht Owners".