02 May, 2017

Diesel heater installation II.

Here I come with some update after two weekends I had a time to work on this project.
I've realized how hard this could be if I want the best possible quality. The worst job so far is doing the ducting hose covers in the aft berth.
At first I had to create a carton template, checking all right angles, transferring all kinds of odd shapes and curves. Then transfer it back to the plywood, double check, remove from the boat, make tiny adjustment and check it once again. This all over again and again until it will fit perfectly.

gluing cover for the ducting running though the head

I've used my woodworking router to create a right-angle edge molding to hide the plywood joint and to keep the factory look. For this I've routed the 15x15mm oak strips found in the local hobby market.

gluing edge molding

Then it was a time to create ducting cover base which was then glued to the hull. The factory is using the thickened polyester resin so I'm doing the same. At first I'm using the hot glue to temporarily attach it to the hull and then glued it permanently with resin putty consisting of Cabosil, microballons and short chopped glass fibers.

cover base "glued" to the hull

aft berth - hole in the top going to the aftmost part of the head

oak strips for front cover screws

The factory heavily uses the polyurethane adhesives for all wood joining. This is cool as you don't see ugly screw heads, but you are unable to do the future upgrades. So that's why I've decided to use the screws for the ducting cover, so I'm able to add more wiring or whatever time brings.

cover after 3 coats of satin varnish

In the mean time, I was painting the fuel tank shelve and heater holding plate with the top-coat (gelcoat with 2% of paraffin solution)

finished fuel tank shelve with strap in the middle locker

I was worried about the amount of space between the locker hatch and the locker opening so I've installed additional port locker vent and stainless grille.
Maybe it isn't necessary, but before the final installation, I've put the butyl tape stripe on the left, top & right part of the grille to make it more watertight.

port locker vent

bug screen

The last small modification is adding a 4cm height shelf border in the port locker to prevent small parts or tools to fall down inside the locker.
Again stripe of plywood, laminated and top-coated.

in the middle - shelf border

Stay tuned for the next part - hopefully the final installation.

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