28 April, 2014

Alcohol stove installation

My wife loves coffee, so her first question when we planned our boat was: When do you install the stove? Well, it will be used also to cook some delicious meals so it needs to be fast anyway.
Originally we planned to install the propane fancy double cook-top with integrated sink, but then we realized it's too expensive to build it properly according to industry standards and maintain in the terms of propane bottle installation and servicing fees. Yes of course, you can put the bottle in the anchor locker, but it's not allowed there with the anchors and chains and so on. It's simply too risky to have a propane inside the boat.
So we choose the other possibility which is an alcohol stove. At first we wanted a double stove, but the galley desk is too small, so we decided for the Dometic Origo A100 flush mount single stove.

The first step was to create a template for cutting the hole needed for the stove. The manual describes an unnecessarily bigger cutout, but I made it just enough for the proper installation.

cardboard template
The next thing was to cut the hole. I drilled pivot holes in the corners and then cut the hole with the electric jigsaw.

final hole with the slot for the magnetic lock
The next problem was the opening hinges. Because I cannot open the stove to a full 90 degrees due to the upper cabinet I was not able to fasten the hinge to the galley. So I added an aluminum L profile to the hinge with the flush mount rivets so the fastening holes are now from the bottom of the galley

closeup of the modified hinge

Next I had to move the position of that holding plate, but that was easy. So now it's almost finished. Just waiting for a gelcoat/topcoat paint of the cutting.

Tadaa... ready for meals... ehm coffee :-)

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